September 2013 - The Barbican, London

PTB have recently completed the installation of the new lighting system, rear of house at the Barbican Concert Hall - the home of the London Symphony Orchestra.

PTB were initially approached by Yvette Chin of the Barbican's in-house Projects team to explore a new lighting scheme to help breath new life into the backstage areas of the concert hall, the area was in dire need of a facelift as it was a very uninviting area for the musicians.

PTB looked at various options alongside Yvette and Ingo Reinhardt (Senior Technical Manager at the Barbican Centre) and designed a system utilisiing a Pharos control system, GDS ArcSystem and Pulsar Chroma AR111. PTB subsequently worked alongside builders Huttons to create the revitalised space.

May 2013 - The Birmingham Hippodrome

PTB worked with the Hippodrome's Operation Director, Mike Bradford to deliver seamless digital signage to the refurbished foyer at the Birmingham Hippodrome

Screens were installed above the new ticket office with a 'ribbon' of screens installed above the main exit doors. But the biggest 'statement' was made by cutting away the original foyer fluorescent back lit six sheet poster sites and creating three new vertical video walls using flush fitted LG edgeless displays. The complete system is controlled by an AMX Inspired Signage system.

April 2013 - The Coliseum, London

Bang on schedule, PTB completed the installation of the new dimmer system for English National Opera at the London Coliseum.

In just five weeks, PTB removed the fifteen existing, problematic Strand SLD96 dimmer racks and replaced them with ten new ABD Eurodim Twin Tech racks, incorporating the DimSwitch modules that can operate as either dimmers or true non-dims. New containment was created and the existing wiring adapted to suit the new installation. PTB's team even had enough time to fix some wiring faults that have existed since the previous installation was completed.

"What the PTB team have achieved here is remarkable," comments Kevin Sleep, ENO's Head of Lighting. "It is a tribute to all of the that if the visiting companies who were in the theatre during the changeover hadn't been told what was going on they would never have noticed that some a major project was underway. The new installation looks beautiful and is performing flawlessly; we can already feel it will serve us well for a long time to come."

March 2013 - The Coliseum, London

PTB have commenced the removal of 15 Strand SLD96 dimmer racks currently installed at the Coliseum.

Working to a tight timescale of approxiamtely a month, the problematic racks are being replaced with 10 ADB Twin Tech dimmer racks. The works will required modifications to mains supplies and the existing containment infrastructure all being carried out under the Coliseum's ongoing programme of shows throughout the period.

February 2013 - The Savoy Theatre, London

Working on behalf of White Light Ltd, PTB have recently completed the replacement of production lighting dimmers at The Savoy Theatre.

The existing EC90 dimmers were replaced with four ETC Sensor3 ESR36 racks along with the installation of a custom termination chamber to deal with a large quantity of MICC cables installed in the theatre. White Light provided a commissioning engineer to ensure the theatre's existing control system was fully configured with the new equipment.

September 2012 - The Link, Thamesmead

Working on behalf of Solutions AV, PTB have provided design and installation services for the second phase of works at The Link Thamesmead, a stunning new, state-of-the-art community hub made up of nine arches located under the Harrow Manor Way flyover in the heart of Thamesmead.

The works have consisted of the design, supply and installation of performance lighting & sound equipment, a digital recording studio & Live room fit out, LCD screens, interactive white boards and Projection equipment & building wide paging and background music systems.

August 2012 - Lyceum Theatre Dimmer Change

The weekends & Monday’s of early August has seen PTB installing replacement dimmers into the Lyceum Theatre, London, on behalf of White Light.

Out with the old and in with the new ETC Sensor’s, with the works carefully coordinated to always leave a functioning system for the week performances of ‘The Lion King’, prior to the following Saturday night and the next phase of works.

As well as installing the dimmers, the new system was fully integrated to the AMX control system.

July 2012 - Marlborough College’s Theatre Raise & Lower System

Following an annual inspection, the existing five manual raise & lower winches were found not to comply with current standards and with only 3 weeks until a pre-booked Summer school needing to use the venue, PTB were contacted and asked to assist.

Not one to walk away from a challenge, PTB carried out a site visit the following day and a week later were busy installing five new drill driver enclosed pile hoists, mounted on a new bespoke frame. Completing these were new multi groove pulleys and mounting hardware and all completing in time for the summer school to go ahead as if nothing had happened..

April 2012 - PTB Automate Grange Park Opera's Revolves

Not limiting ourselves to just electrical works, when Grange Park Opera wanted to update their existing hydraulic revolve control system PTB provided a solution.

The masses of existing hydraulic hoses which were installed from sub stage to stage right were removed and replaced with speed and directional electronic proportional values fitted adjacent to the power pack sub stage, controlled via a Mitsubishi PLC and LED touch screen providing both automatic and manual control.

Encoders were fitted to both the inner and outer revolves enabling precise positioning to be achieved.

All you now have to do is ‘Push The Button’ operations manager Adrian Veale commented...

March 2012 - Custom Production Distribution for the Birmingham Hippodrome

Early March saw a new Production Distribution panel installed down stage left at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

Designed by PTB's Andy Phillips to comply not only with the clients requirements, but also to latest British Standards (BS7671:2008(2011) Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations 17th Edition, Amendment No. 1 and BS7907:2011 Code of practice for temporary electrical systems for entertainment and related purposes), the panel provides the theatre with up to 200A via adjustable RCD protected Powerlock connectors, together with three phase CEE form sockets with switchable RCD's. Along with this, the panel has an overall power meter with the facility for future remote energy monitoring.

The panel was installed over a weekend to fit in with the Hippodrome's tight schedule and in time for use on their current show, Oliver! - The Musical.

February 2012 - PTB installs ETC dimming system into Royal Court Theatre

In just 21 days, and causing absolutely no disruption to the theatres programme of performances, PTB pulled out 360 ways of dimming and replaced them with the super quiet, much smaller Sensor dimming racks fitted with the latest sensor 3 processor. In addition PTB installed a variety of new control systems into the foyer and both theatre spaces – The Jerwood Theatre Upstairs (JTU) and The Jerwood Theatre Downstairs (JTD).

Adrian Veale discusses: “In the foyers we installed an ETC Unison Paradigm control processor with plug in touch screen and two four way custom button panels. In the theatre downstairs we installed an EOS 4K Console with capability for 5000 channels or devices and 4000 outputs or parameters. In the theatre upstairs we put in the new ETC GIO 2K Console. Both venues have an ION Control Desk 1000 as backup. Remote control is via an Apple ipad with downloaded ETC app.”

“We’re over the moon to have completed our first project as Push The Button at one of London’s coolest theatres,” says Ewins. “The Royal Court Theatre really is a magical place on a world-class scale. To be responsible for the installation of its dimming and control system is an honour, and it was also great fun. Matt Drury and his team were totally supportive throughout, which meant that going into production week for ‘In Basildon’ was technically drama free!”

January 2012 - PTB opens for business

PTB opens for business. After several months of planning, PTB are trading.. Our office based on the outskirts of Bristol, was handed to us as an empty shell but with the multi-tasking staff and as few calls to the right people, by the end of week one an office environment, warehouse, kitchen and meeting area were created.

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